A Taste for Love – Spring 2021 (Razorbill/PRH)


Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Rom-Com

To everyone else, high school senior Liza Yang is practically perfect. Pretty, smart, and well-liked, she’s salutatorian of her class and starting a prestigious university in the fall. To her ultra-traditional Taiwanese mom, however, Liza is stubborn and rebellious, unlike her older sister Jeannie. She won’t even date a proper Asian boy! The only thing mother and daughter agree on is Liza’s talent for baking. With Mrs. Yang’s annual junior baking competition on the horizon, Liza’s determined to prove she’s more than Jeannie’s shadow. If only she knew her mother has plans of her own…

A Hidden Power

Black and WhiteRed Aesthetic







Genre: Adult Crossover Fantasy 

With the snap of a single, fiery finger, Aiko lost everything – her family, her home, and her freedom. Now indentured to the queen who stole it all, she serves as Consana Diem’s apprentice, healing the wounded while hiding her own magic. Aiko’s failed escape attempts catch the attention of head guard Kade, who offers protection from all but their growing attraction to one another. When the war between kingdoms spills into the castle walls, Aiko will discover her greatest power might lie in letting go of the past.

When Snow Meets Crane

WSNC AethesticWSMC Ama


Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

16 year old Lili has always felt trapped between her strict Asian culture and her American friends. Growing progressively depressed, her desperation leads to a suicide attempt. When she returns home, Lili must overcome her sadness and learn to accept herself. Thankfully, her spunky Japanese grandmother moves in with them. Challenging Lili to embark on a senbazuru – folding 1000 origami crane for health and happiness, the journey will uncover long-held family secrets and learn to heal together as a family.