A TASTE FOR LOVE – Spring 2021 (Razorbill/PRH)


Genre: Young adult contemporary rom-com

To everyone else, high school senior Liza Yang is practically perfect. Pretty, smart, and well-liked, she’s salutatorian of her class and starting a prestigious university in the fall. To her ultra-traditional Taiwanese mom, however, Liza is stubborn and rebellious, unlike her older sister Jeannie. She won’t even date a proper Asian boy! The only thing mother and daughter agree on is Liza’s talent for baking. With Mrs. Yang’s annual junior baking competition on the horizon, Liza’s determined to prove she’s more than Jeannie’s shadow. If only she knew her mother has plans of her own…


TOGETHER,  APART – October 2020 (Underlined/Delacorte)



Genre: Young adult romance

Michelle Chan had big plans for her junior year of high school, but the arrival of COVID has her sitting on the sidelines. Between the endless Zoom classes and working under the watchful eye of her superstitious mother at her family’s Chinese restaurant, Michelle is desperate for something different. Thankfully, a chance to talk to Kevin Kwon, the star of the varsity swim team, is just what she ordered. With parents busy working at the hospital, he’s become Chan’s Chinese Cafe’s newest regular. Are Mom’s famous egg rolls what lures him in, or could it be something — or someone — else?

Love With a Side of Fortune has been mentioned in the Kirkus Review! Check it out here




Short Story Title: A PERFECT FIT

Genre: Young adult contemporary

Elodie Chang has always been a “too” – too tall, too fat, too loud, too smart, too nice. Years of being judged by her family and the tight knit Chinese community they’re a part of has chipped away at the bright, confident little girl she used to be. Now seventeen and a senior in high school, she keeps her head in her books and her body buried under oversized T-shirts. Still, deep down inside, Elodie dreams of being the belle of the ball. With prom now fast approaching, her chance to shine hinges on the perfect dress. There’s just one problem: every time she looks in the mirror, she sees the faces of her biggest critics–her mother, her relatives, and even some of her friends. Can Elodie find beauty within herself, or will she forever be the wallflower?